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Radio Days
When I was younger, makes me sound really old doesn't it. Anyway years back I used to worship a pair of calamity DJ's Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley (AKA Lard) when there was Hit The North and then the graveyard slot on Radio 1. Their shows were full of humour, decent guests like poets, writers as well as great live session too. Anyway I remember doing a web site for them and quite literally obsessed with their show. I still have about hundred tapes of various things they did. Looking back it did seem insane even for a student. I haven't listened to their afternoon show for ages but I found this great chat with them on the Guardian Football site which is a classic and how I remember them from the early days. Comedy banter with Mark and Lard.

Just been trying iTunes on Windows and it seems pretty good so far. Like Steve Jobs says it's identical to the Mac version.