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The same old game
I'd always known that there were a few lomographers in Manchester but have never met any of them until this weekend. I have been using my Lomographic camera for three years now but learnt lots, especially about crossprocessing where you subject slide film into the normal colour film chemicals. The photos I've seen are amazing with brilliant blues and reds. Once I left the meet up, I went on a rampage around the grubby bits of Ancoats shooting a roll of film with my Lomo, it's sparked that urge to take lots of pictures like I used to. Only problem in Lancaster there are not many interesting Lomo opportunities.

Other than that it's been a nice weekend listening to lots of music and figuring things out on my record label and watching classic Japanese Anime of City Hunter about a partnership who get hired to sort peoples problems. Ryo having extraordinary accuracy when it comes to shooting, but with a weakness of being a bit of pervy when it comes to women (his face changes to suit the situation). It's all very humourous as Ryo never gets the women because his business partner Kaori always smashes a massive mallet in his face first. It's quite old and the styles are all firmly in Miami Vice 80's. I can't believe our kid has the entire set of City Hunter TV episodes amounting to about 4 days continuous viewing. I don't think I could take that much.