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There's nothing erotic when you're working at the level of pixels
This is a great but weird article on a guy who tries to solve faked nude celebrity pictures (oh I think this might get me into trouble with search engines, then again there are probably a million other sites ranked ahead of me) that are posted on newsgroups. Having done the occasional digital cut and paste of people's heads onto something else as jokes it is a real art to get the images looking seamless, usually the colours don't match or the orientation of the persons head is wrong. Sometimes the amateur look is definitely funnier. Quote

"It's like a big game of Concentration," he explains. And he doesn't think it's weird. Some retirees do the New York Times crossword puzzle; he does this.

These Are Definitely Not Scully's Breasts (and before you ask there are no sample pictures at the link, although there maybe a few in the printed version!)