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The same thing ten times an hour every hour
I see that Oxfam has redesigned their site. I've always found their sites useful and informative. Go have a look, it's almost the BBC site design. They use the BBC Betsie text parser tool (that didn't work when I tried it), the little world icons look very familiar.... Okay I'm probably exaggerating a lot but mainstream site design in the has lost it's creativity and they do all look familiar. I still like the Oxfam site though.

I know it's all about usability and accessibility because my job is focused around those areas but you can get usability and accessibility and original site design altogether. Okay I can't think of any in particular at the moment as they mostly fail the accessibility guidelines but you get my point.

CSS design isn't moving fast enough I don't think because of the whole browser thing. People like CSS Zen Garden are doing a good job but the tools need to catch up. I'm just doing a redesign for a department at University with CSS design but for the maintainer who uses Dreamweaver the WYSIWYG bit goes all over the place. I guess it's too good to be true to ask for CSS based HTML design tools without absolute positioning everything. Maybe there are but I haven't looked at it yet. Some things to explore I think.