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Needs something here
Hello strangers, it was only a week ago I moved from Bath back home to Manchester. Although it's been scorching you just can't avoid the rain and it's been quite heavy all morning. Life is a bit strange at the moment. Having no space of my own makes it difficult as my brothers room is full of his stuff that all I have are lots of CD's and LP's stored in boxes all over the place. Just started going through all my CD collection in order to sell some of it. I used to buy mainly singles and have a lot of Britpop singles from people like Lush, Cast, Northern Uproar etc. I plan to convert them all to MP3 then sell the actual CD's off as one job lot. There are a few special promos and limited edition things to tempt the punters on eBay.

One good thing to have happened since I came back home is that my digital radio started working again. For a while it would only work for 15 minutes then lose the signal. You had to leave it off for half a day for it to work for another 15 miniutes. Glad it's working again as Videologic were being a real pain when I asked them to have a look at it. It's nice listening to Oneword again.

The 48 hour film challenge seems like a nice little competition for the aspiring film makers. Make a 5 minute film in 48 hours using DV cameras, it's made more spontaneous by now revealing the title until the day of the event.