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I know you're a whore but you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen
I used to come across bands and songs I've been meaning to find out about on quite frequent basis. Mainly because I went scouting around record shops a lot. It's always a great feeling when you find out the artist of a great song you heard years ago. I think I've topped this one by finding a song I'd first heard six years ago. The song 'Kill The Action' by East River Pipe AKA F.M.Cornog. This band (can you still be a band if you're a solo artist) has produced some brilliant songs, I mean who would write a song called 'Shiny, Shiny, Pimpmobile'. I've got his recent output but only recently discovered his early records on Sarah Records. The album Mel that Kill The Action is taken from is astoundingly brilliant. The songs are all quite lonely, wandering but sometimes you need that. The comment from an reviewer goes like so:

"If you don't own this, you should and if you don't like it, you're probably a gimp."

Exactly my sentiments. Mel at