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The spotlight so clear
I know most people will have seen this because they work in an office where they get a hundred emails a day full of bad links, jokes and forwards but hey I've just got.

Sleath Disco - reminds me of Friday night, or was that Saturday? Reminds me of this dance tutorial on how to dance properly.

For the past three years I've enjoyed the offerings of Electric December. Basically an digital Advent calendar. All the 'gifts' are done by people and companies in the South West region, best thing is that all the gifts are available for viewing now rather than waiting each day. Some are better than others. If you don't come from Bristol or Bath then you won't recognise the places in the Building Blocks game on Day 2. Generally it's quite a good showcase of what the creative bunch the South West are and some different sides to Christmas and issues. Now where is that North West version.