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Counting sheep, children, dirty clothes....
How quickly can things change? I'm a third of the way into my contract and things are finally starting to work. Departments are slowly opening up to the idea that decent presentation of content and some clear design will do wonders for their websites. Although by no means fully cooperative, it's a huge leap forward. Academics tend not see the perspectives of external students and users. It can still be tough, questionnaires had terrible responses and the usability tests teeth grinding, as you encourage a first year student to say more than one word to the questions you ask.

Meanwhile living in what is the worst arranged house I've come across has turned into some kind of house of domestic horrors. I probably say it's driving me up the wall but it is. I'm on the lookout to get out of here. I probably have a good get out clause because of the false promises and fake descriptions she's given me. I'm so well prepared for if I do have kids because I don't have a sleeping pattern anymore from the screaming kids. Decent sleep is no longer an option.