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Podding all over the world
So the latest musical announcements are quite interesting. Download service is debatable as the cost to buy an album would be marginally less than buying it from the shops. Currently only available in America with tracks costing 99 cents. If it had been launched in the UK with tracks costing 99 pence, there would have been an outrage. Interesting discussion on the pricing of the new Apple download service. The new iPods are also great, but I feel only in terms of the software. The ability to create playlists on the fly was long overdue and with new games and customisable menus it does look to be a better player. I don't like the new design though. I guess they changed it to incorporate the backlit buttons. I much prefer the buttons to be round the scrollwheel. With the need to stretch your thumb to those top buttons they rounded off the edge too so it has curves like an old iMac. The square cut edge on the original iPods was a much nicer design. They increased the capacities and reduced the prices so I guess that's a good thing too. It's still by far the best hard drive based MP3 player if not the best MP3 player I used.