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A right royal delivery
I have huge respect for the postal service in that it works (most of the time) and is relatively inexpensive. However when I used to run my record label you could tell that there were problems. It just always seemed to be me who had record orders lost in the post. The million items a day lost in the post statistic must be exaggerated but I'm thinking it might be right. Anyway the reason I am voicing my concerns about it is that in the space of three weeks I have had one 'record delivery' letter been lost without a trace, one letter telling me I had a job interview that I never received (causing me a lot of embarrassment as I found out today on the day of the interview and probably a lost job opportunity) and now possibly a record order also being lost. I know my housemates having been nicking my post as they were not around over Easter so somewhere along the line my mail seems to be targeted. I guess there is not much I can do unless I pay over the odds for the 'special delivery' service. I always thought getting a letter was special and Royal Mail used to market it themselves that way too with their slogan 'What will you send?'. 'You can send it, but it might not be received' seems to be a better message.