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So I was managing the shop for morning as Rowena the manager felt really ill. It wasn't that busy but started to pick up later on. We started selling a new range of cards, most of which looked like they came from an image bank and without much imagination. There were a nice series of global cards with stunning photography and the childrens cards had nice illustrations.

The problem with the new launches is that they never send the right amount and so the handmade fair trade card section was nearly empty. Also I am not sure why card manufacturers insist that cards need to be placed in a certain order and place. There must be some reason behind it (maybe it's to do with the way the mind works with patterns) but it could be someone randomly mixing them up. When I was working at the office supply store in Aspen they had the same thing there too. Made putting up or changing a card display a real problem. You waste hours finding out which position the card is meant to be in. Then because they didn't send all the right cards you end up compromising by placing repeated designs to fill the gaps.

Oh and supposedly it's World Pinhole Day tomorrow, so go and do some pinholing with the pinhole camera from your primary school days.