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That's the only thing about it
The first sign of rain after a fine few weeks. Hope it's not going to be a start the dampness in this house, the weather forecast is not too good.

The signs are that routine of working all day and night on a personal and group project is in full swing. Anna in my group was getting really angry that the people at the Bath Museum of Costume are fobbing us off and refusing to let us make any enquiries. Seems a little silly because our projects will need a lot of content and information from them. They were surprised that we needed to gather resources at short notice. The woman said people usually need to book a month in advanced. So that leaves us 3 weeks to build and test our projects. We should always know that getting content is one of the most laborious tasks as too often bureaucracy gets in the way.

Been reviewing some of the video footage I captured at the end of last year and some of it is just hilarious. Well the audio commentary is anyway. A right cobbled mix of Cantonese and English. If I was keeping the audio for my project my tutor will be confused.

Manchester United Versus Real Madrid match last night was something and I only saw a total of 15 minutes worth of snippets. I don't support United but the first Beckham goal really was special.