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Punk grease lightening
I know it's late and time for sleep but felt I better write up a quick gig report before I forget. Last night I went to Moles Club for a Purr night to watch The Soledad Brothers, Pink Grease and Mr David Viner. The most packed night at Moles I've been to and far and away the best there. All three bands were on top form.

Pink Grease on first after the Pearlene's drummer got arrested by immigration officiers for outstaying his welcome. A friend described Pink Grease as a cam Spinal Tap and that's a pretty good description. What you need to know is that they do glam rock and punk. The tightest trousers you've ever seen, lipstick, eyeliner and on stage antics with attitude. With four of the band members competing for stage space to jump around it quickly spilled into the audience. Anyway besides from their camp performance the songs were pretty good too and everyone it really got the audience going. For the first act it seemed like they were headlining. So when David Viner came on there was a few problems. Not many people appreciated his solo blues songs with his acoustic guitar. Everyone was hyped up from Pink Grease. He did have a sense of humour telling every to literally "shut the fudge up" every 20 seconds due to the heavy chattering from the back. Despite the constant interruptions the rawness of his songs and powerful vocals made me think about searching for his records in the shops. Very good indeed. Then came The Soledad Brothers from Detroit and they do the blues too but of a garage White Stripes style. Fantastic songs, great drumming, excellent sax and done with a lot of passion. They really do believe in what they do unlike a lot of other bands who never make an effort. A gig night to remember.

So that's it, probably the last night out in Bath I'll have. From now on late nights are reserved for building databases and Flash work for my projects.