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Tape to tape, type II position chrome
After the momentum of blogging more than once in a week it all went downhill. I must be honest and say that my time management has gone astray since I started my new job. I get up late, stay up late, constantly trying to fit as much work (work work, and personal work) into the daylight hours. As a consequence I am shattered and blogging is the last thing on my mind.

I am slowly returning to using cassette tapes over other recordable mediums. I was making some good old compilations and ripping the record protect tabs. I used to have these little plastic tabs off tapes all over the place because I was recording tapes like it was going out of fashion. I still have hundreds of tapes of Mark Radcliffe shows, John Peel Sessions, lots of comedy shows and recordings of really old records. There is something genuinely nice about playing a tape, like a record requiring the half time changing of sides. Also they don't stop working unlike some of my recordable CD's that have stopped working probably because they were cheap or I used a pen high in solvents. The art of making mix tapes is still around but slowly disappearing. I am going to stock up on TDK tapes before they stop making them. I couldn't believe how in short supply they are, all the mainstream stores only stock cheap quality maxi-packs now. Richer Sounds are selling 100 packs for about 60 which is a very good deal and will possibly last me a good few years.

Right it is time to go to bed I think, need to be ready for a sleeve making weekend.