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So that was submerged in washing up liquid
For the past three days the idea of standing around for six hours at a time was the main event. The course was exhibiting at the Watershed in Bristol for the Submerge event. It's a showcase for digital arts and media for students in the South West of England.

Standing around for hours wasn't too appealing but getting to see the reaction of people who try your projects was great. Almost like a big usability test but in a loud banging evironment. There was much work of a outstanding nature from each university but many just design focused. There was a big difference between the work produced on our course and the rest. Our work was much more in depth and complete. Anyway Tim's Balloonsender won thrid prize for innovation. The actual award was very nice, a perspex and metal cube but he got a full version of Flash which isn't exactly what he needs. It was difficult to tell what criteria the judges were using though as I thought he should have won that category.

Overall a good experience just talking to people and giving out business cards. Very tiring though, having to be there for 12 hours on your feet.