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It's gone quicker
The Web traffic in the UK must be very low as I've just managed to download a 19Mb web accessibility document in fifteen minutes. This is on a dial up modem. I'm quite confused as I thought my Mozilla browser has got it wrong it but I've got the file on my hard drive and it did say the transfer speed was 18K/second. I'm was more curious as to why the document was this huge size. Turns out that the screenshots in the document are huge.

Every seems a little quiicker anyway which makes browsing for information on the Web much more enjoyable. Holidays usually brings out the worst films to be show on television but they had Kind Hearts and Coronets this afternoon which is a brilliant film. Made in 1949 from Ealing films, basically the plot is that Alec Guiness is taking revenge for his mother against the d'Ascoyne family for disowning her. He goes about murdering his way up the family tree to inherit the wealth weaving into the family. It comes around to bite him back though. Alec Guiness plays all the roles of the family which is done in a humorous way. You don't get movies like that now.

Happy Easter holiday.