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A sense of ending
So here I am once again on my own. All my teacher housemates have gone back home for their Easter break. So I'm knuckling down to some creative thinking for my personal project. My idea is utterly pointless but it allows me to use a variety of techniques to demonstrate what I've learnt on the course. That's the idea anyway. The scope is broad enough for this thing to just be an exploration of multimedia for the Web.

If you've not seen my Flash project then you can see my Standing Like A Tree Guide here. Also there's my newly created PgDip Portfolio site which has an overview of the things I've been doing on the course. There are a few missing gaps but they will be filled when the modules and projects progress. Only 10 weeks and counting left.

Back to listening to albums that I haven't heard in years. The Verve's Urban Hymns is again one of those remarkable albums that is essential listening once in a while. Can't really remember much about the time this was released other than buying it on vinyl in a smart mailer sleeve for an extortionate price. Velvet Morning is a song that is not immediately quoted from this album but it is stunning.