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Do you feel alright?
It was a bit different today as I went to the job centre with my friend and found that there were no IT jobs in the entire Greater Manchester region. I think my friend was more surprised than I was about that. Didn't make her feel too bad that all the admin type jobs were paying less than minimum wage. Then again I wouldn't have thought many IT jobs get registered with the Job Centres. Still feel a bit disheartened by it though.

I haven't been to a job centre in ages but they have these touch screen kiosks where you can choose the jobs. It wasn't too bad really for a kiosk apart from the million levels you have to go through.

Once final thing. It's pretty obivious to spot who is unemployed or skiving from work. They're still sitting in a coffee shop in the heart of office land at 3pm when it's about to close.