What, why, who?

Photos of That's B For Beijing album, shot with a Lubitel
Above: My Lomowall album, ‘That's B for Beijing’


The Lomography World Congress is a gathering of Lomographers from across the world with the purpose of documenting Beijing in their own manner, without the need for the rules or techniques that bound conventional photography. Take what you see, take what you don't see, take anything that catches your eye, you define what is good or bad photography.

My focus is on Beijing, it's people, culture and environment rather than just being about the World Congress itself. Individually the photos may not be perfect but collectively I hope they create a different and a more interesting view of Beijing.

Let's push those boundaries out and get more people documenting the world, their surroundings and their everyday lives. It's fun, liberating and can be achieved with any camera.

A few notes

  1. In case you are wondering I used two LC-A cameras, five different types of film and three different photolabs. You will notice the difference on the walls.
  2. No adjustments were made on the photos in the process of creating these walls. Most were scanned at the photo lab, the others I scanned myself then resized and arranged.
  3. I omitted the wall of Supersampler shots that appears in the album.
  4. I've got loads of other silly pictures of the participants of the Congress but kept those pictures to a minimum here. To have added all those would have required another album and six months of spare time.
  5. Being very silly I didn't get everyone's contact details at the Congress. If you remember me then email a 'hello' - lomobeijing@onoffonoff.org and send a link to people who went.


As a British born Chinese this was the first time I was visiting China. It was always going to be a visually stimulating trip, combined with the unpredictability of being with over a hundred other Lomographers and the unknown. How I would respond to being in Beijing, surrounded by Chinese people I could barely communicate with, would this be reflected in my photography, how I enjoyed the trip? Before I went I knew the trip deserved something more than a normal holiday photo album. Inspired by the display of Lomo photographs arranged as Lomowalls, I set about creating a scaled down portable Lomowall exhibition in a Chinese calligraphy book, purchased at a shop in the Luilichang art and craft area of Beijing for full Beijing authenticity. Although portable, it's not cheap to reproduce and send to people so this online version was created.


I am Edward Jung, I have been taking photographs with an Lomo LC-A camera since the end of 1999. I am part of the LomoManchester collective. I strangely enjoy documenting my everyday life, taking my camera everywhere I go. Especially the mundane and ordinary moments, buildings and anything that forms a nice pattern.

If you would like a closer look at any of the photos contained here, the actual album (if I'm near you), my other work email me - lomobeijing@onoffonoff.org. You can also leave comments in the guest book on my Lomohome