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20 Taxi!

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Like many other major cities - London, New York, Mexico City, Tokyo - taxi cabs and more importantly their drivers can add to a city's culture. Beijing is no different. If you have the money a taxi is a good way of getting from A-B. Just don't bank on knowing what you will pay, even for the same journey. Advice was to look for the ID number of the drivers sprayed onto the cars. Supposedly sequential, the lower the number the more experience a driver should be. If only you could locate those drivers with low numbers. The one time we thought we did, it turned out the driver had borrowed the car from someone else and his real number was touching the quarter of a million mark. In any case take a photo of their ID card and suddenly they become more alert. Our Taxi Challenge winning team got the driver to drive along a route spelling the word LOMO, with our heads and hands stuck out of windows capturing all manner of street life. He must have thought we were bonkers as I got him to pose with his cab. Of course we were but he was willing to take part.