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05 An unnatural history museum

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An unnatural history museumAn unnatural history museum

The guidebooks promised de-skinned human beings and we had some spare time. Five of us, two taxi's, same time to get there. One for 30 yuan and the other for 15. As unpredictable as ever. The displays as modern as it's equivalent in London with it's interactive displays, neon lights, videos and of course dinosaurs. It was very empty except for the occasional mother with their child (yes noted one child) and a bunch of hyperactive teenage kids engrossed in the race the dinosaur game (you had to ride an exercise bike). Disappointingly we didn't get to see the de-skinned bodies, maybe it was part of a clean up. However there was a big section dedicated to reproduction, birth and growing up with rather bad 80's Freeman catalogue models and very camp looking semi-naked men. I watched in this long hall as a mother explained to her son (who looked about five) reproduction and birth. I don't know why but it was a touching sight.