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09 Foot massages and alcohol

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Foot massages and alcohol

To experience Beijing best, you need to do a lot of walking, that's hell of a lot of walking. To get best of your feet you need the occasional foot massage. An extraordinary foot massage that combines hot water, soaking your feet in herbs and the strong able hands of a foot massage expert. It's bad etiquette to laugh uncontrollably (like I did) because you have ticklish feet. As I attempted to answer questions I did not fully understand I found myself being part of an secret conversation between my massager and her friend. Those cheeky laughs and giggles gave the game away. It was a long drive out to the largest state owned distillery in China. You are talking about a range of spirits from the 2 year old light spirit at 62% alcohol available in cheap convenient 5 litre bottles to it's 'Valuable Hundred-year Niulanshan' spirit for about a tenner. There did not seem to be an discernable difference between the two types tasted. Both as potent as lighter fluid. An amazing place.