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07 Pen, paper, ink, balls, bats and kites

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Entertainment BeijingEntertainment Beijing

Time for action, testing our skills against the local kids ping pong team. Having slipped twice during the practice session, it did not look good. Pairing off with the kids we were quickly beaten with some rather dubious scoring going on. With that much excitement at 7.30 in the morning what was needed is a taster in Chinese calligraphy. My hands stayed firmly on the LC-A rather than taking up a brush. Taking to the skies, the many kites flown at Tiananmen Square. A word of advice, once it rains, pack up before the paints come off the silk. Not to worry you can still be entertained by bartering for Chairman Mao watches and cigarette lighters. I still ponder who lost their negatives on the floor of the square.