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Farewell my friends
So I hear that Mark and Lard are going their separate ways. With Mark Radcliffe going to Radio 2 and Lard aka Marc Riley heading off to digital radio station 6Music. I'll be honest and say that I've not heard Mark and Lard on their Radio 1 afternoon show for a couple of years now. I used to listen to it and their breakfast/graveyard slot religously but I got tired of the afternoon show because of the dud music and the pretty much same old rehashed games and features. Mark has always moonlighted on Radio 4 and 2 being the narrator for the occasional documentary, the latest of which was on Badly Drawn Boy. I wonder what show he will be doing. I guess whatever he will get bigger audiences than Radio 1 and possibly be able to play more of the music he enjoys rather than off the playlists. I wonder what Marc will be doing? Whatever they will probably enjoy it more than their present slots. I wish them luck.

I am part of the unofficial Manchester Lomo group, I say official as there is a Lomo Embassy in Manchester but there doesn't seem to be much going on so we all formed our group. We get together once a month and just show our latest pictures and chat about techniques. It's a good laugh. We did out first Lomo outing at Urbis just generally having no regard for the no photography rule sneaking loads of shots. It was a good laugh but the problem is that it is now free and it does seem the exhibitions are a little messed up. Loads of scallys just messing around on the id card making machine. This year I have generally been taking more pictures than ever, in fact being just a little mad about it all going through approximately two rolls of film a week. Of course its costing me a fortune in film processing but getting my films back is one of the few things I really enjoy at the moment.