Nothing exceptional here - photographs by Edward Jung

About my photography

I take a very relaxed attitude to my photography. I enjoy taking photographs wherever I am, situations, instants and details. If it catches my eye then I will try and capture it using my camera. Photographs that retrace the paths and journeys I make.

For the most part my photographs are a continuous documentary of my daily life and existence, what I see and where I go, nothing exceptional. The noticing of details in my everyday familiar surroundings provides, as many snap shot opportunities if not more, than being in a completely new environment. Our environments are constantly changing and you only have to look around and notice the small things to appreciate that. Quite often the exceptional comes from the unexceptional.

The photographs presented here document some of the more "interesting" journeys I've made. There are journeys abroad but most of my photography occurs around East London where I now live and work, and Manchester where I moved from but still love.


I started out taking photographs with a Lomo LC-A. Since then I have predominantly used 35mm manual compact cameras but occassionally use medium format and plastic multi-lens cameras. A small camera I find, is a more efficient constant companion despite the limitations. The differences in each camera I use makes me approach my photography accordingly. A recent concession I have made is in experimenting with auto focus compact cameras.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes I do think a zoom would be nice or I'd wish I knew I got the shot right but that's the chance you take. It's imperfect.

[23 Oct 2005 Update] Then I held my breath and got a half frame camera (see the City Hall album), and now I'm experimenting with a Polaroid camera to create abstracts...

[12 April 2006 Update] Recently I brought a second hand (actually nearly all my cameras are second hand) Horizon panoramic swing lens camera. This is becoming one of the most exciting cameras I've used in a long time. It's a whole new world when you have two frames to fill in one shot. An image becomes a scene, the distortion and angles make the camera more than just a toy.

[14 December 2009 Update] I spent a year in China, Chongqing to be precise. A year spent in the hazy city, exploring my mother country. Some of the moments are captured here in my Horizon China gallery.

35mm film

Film photography, although more expensive in comparison to digital photography, affords to me, a greater level of experimentation through varying film types and processing. I like the unpredictable nature of this process. Some effects would be easy to create in Photoshop but I find post processing too laborious. So many settings and features that can be used to tweak, when would you stop altering. You end up losing sight of the photograph you originally took.


Some photographers who make me feel happy and inspired when looking at their photographs.

Contact me

I hope you enjoy looking at my photographs. I'd like to hear what you think. You can email me at if you have any comments.

Some of my old photographs can be purchased through Alamy Images for commercial use. Or contact me if you wish to use a photograph.