Nothing exceptional here - photographs by Edward Jung

Instants and details

Everyday I start a new journey with a compact camera in hand. The routine, mundane and occasional diversion punctuated with clicks of the shutter. Presented here are some of those clicks.
> About my photography
I've started a limited edition series of portable photowall albums. Each one hand made containing 30 original photographs of my random photographic adventures. Available exclusively from the Photographers' Gallery bookshop, London.

So far in the series:

  1. Doors I have encountered
  2. Textures and patterns that have intrigued me
  3. Blue skies in the city
  4. People taking photographs with a toy camera
  5. Things found on the streets of London
  6. Illumination and it's colour
  7. Signs, notices and FYIs

"Make a journey by yourself where you always carry a camera and you'll find you are never truly alone. It gives you psychological strength."

Redmond O'Hanlon