Edward Jung's Lomographic camera adventure
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+ Lomo + The Lomographic Home
Introduction to The Lomographic, along with my current favourite Lomographic picture.
+ Lomo + About
Find out what a Lomographic camera is and how I became interested in Lomography.
+ Lomo + Lomowalls
An introduction to using Lomographs to create brilliant Lomowalls. Use the Lomowall links to see example of my work.
  - Lomo - Technical
A full technical specification of the Lomographic camera. Take a closer look at some of the features.
  - Lomo - Lomowall 1
A Lomowall of faces. Read about moving closer to take your Lomographs and the shaky effects that can be achieved.
  - Lomo - Lomo rules
Lomography are not governed by rules, but these golden rules will help you develop your technique.
  - Lomo - Lomowall 2
Lomowall of darkness. Find out the special qualities of the Lomo under low light.
+ Lomo + Feedback
Send any comments, feedback, interest to me using this form.
  - Lomo - Lomowall 3
Lomowall of buildings. Look at the subjects I like to take with my Lomo.
+ Lomo + Links
A variety of links to all manner of Lomo related web sites, including places where you can your very own.
  - Lomo - Lomowall 4
A lomowall of wide variety. Read about how Lomography is part of my everyday life and the new Don't Think Lomography book.
+ Lomo + Text Only
Text only version of this site but without the decoration of Lomographs.
  - Lomo - Random Lomowall
Create a unique randomised Lomowall with 50 of my Lomographs. Every time different.
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