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Time to explore further
The world of lomography has a huge following on the Internet. Below are a some of the best resources and homepages on the Lomographic camera.

Use the feedback form to send me links to other interesting Lomo sites.

Lomographic Society - This is really the only Lomo link you will ever need. The Lomographic Society was founded in 1992 by some students in Vienna. Dedicated to every aspect of Lomography.

Christopher's lomopage - Lots of lomographs, even ones taken with his adjusted broken Lomo.

Lomo Spain - Very stylish Spanish Lomo site, in some ways I like this better than the official home.

Lomobeauty 2000 - In 2000 more than 20 lomographers took lomo self portraits every day. They have been turned into amazing lomowalls if you can wait long enough for the download. An example lomowall

Just Shoot - New Lomography showcase book with contributions from myself. An amazingly crafted piece of art in it's own right.

Lomomichel - impressive Lomo site, you need a big screen and a fast connection. A huge number of Lomographs here to view. Also some lomo adapted games that I couldn't get working.

Okbye - This guy took pictures at a wedding using a Lomo, not sure if it was his own. Shame it's not been updated in a while.

My Beautiful Lomo - French lomosite, with all manner of Lomo related things.

Sleepy Kisser - more links to various Lomo websites.

LomoGrrl - Lomographs by Lomogrrl.

Lomographic - Not to be confused with this site. Lomo Galleries and walls from a host of contributors.

So you want a Lomo?
Mini site information for a selection of Lomo related products. You can even buy them online.
Lomo LC-A
Super Sampler
Action Sampler

Other Important links
Lomo Plc - The manufacturers of fine optical products including the Lomo LC-A.
Lomohomes - The largest collaborative area to share you bleloved Lomographs with the rest of the world.
Lomo Embassy Locator - Find out where your nearest Embassy is. If there isn't one near you, you can always start one up yourself.

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