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The Lomo LC-A
Or to give it's full name - lomo camera kompact automat - manufactured in St Petersburg by The Leningradskoje Optico Mechanitschekoje.

About my Lomo & me
I first became interested in the Lomographic camera after following a series of photo documentaries in Manchester's City Life magazine taken using the camera. I was amazed by the colours and natural look of the pictures plus the nice retro block design. It took me a year before I managed to save up enough money for the camera but I haven't looked back since. I take my Lomo with me wherever I go just in case an appropriate (or even unappropriate) situation crops up that I can get a snapshot of.

My Lomographic camera photos have been used on my websites, record sleeves, t-shirts and more recently appeared in a book celebrating the Lomo called 'Don't Think'. Since using a Lomo I have developed a natural instinct to capture special images whatever the unusual circumstance or situation.

Lomography has turned into an international cult with a range of other quirky cameras aimed at capturing movement. The dedicated website, online photo lab, shop, homepage community, own ethos and image archive have all been highly successful in spreading the word of this unique Russian camera. It has also been used in a successful marketing campaign to promote Manchester as a international city.

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