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Group Project

The group project brings together the techniques learnt from the usability module in a real life prototype build. Each group built a prototype for the Museum Of Costume Bath. The aim is to enable access to the 60,000 costume items through a web site as a resource for experts, researchers and the general public wishing to to find out more about the extensive collection.

Following multiple rounds of usability testing and redesigns the final prototype was delivered with search capabilities, ability to send e-cards, a personal collection, contact forms and administration section. The front end was managed with Dreamweaver with a Java servlets and PostgreSQL back end. The response from the general public, local councilors and head of school has been very positive and will hopefully be a basis for an ongoing project.

An in museum kiosk prototype which incorporates the the ecard functionality was also created using Flash. The prototype was tested and built for a touch screen display in mind.

Edward Jung
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Museum Of Costume The Collection prototype - Screen shot