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Back in when the Bandits were just starting out Duglas used to do the covers of the records. With the first single E102/Sad? Duglas also made a comic to go with it. The line-up was Duglas, Billy, Sean, Willie and Jim. It has taken me about five years to got hold of a copy of this single and since it's so hard to get hold of now, I've decided to share this comic with you. I'm sure Duglas won't mind.

Puzzle Page ?

Join the dots to see what you get
Who is the girl?
How do you turn 1 into 50?
Who is the boy on the right Who is this young nipper?

Answers at the bottom of the page.

Sing-a-long page E102

I'm so happy that love has come around
I'm so happy about the girl I've found
I feel like someone's favourite meal
No sweetner, No additives, the flavour is REAL!

(Go back), I can't go back
(Go forward) I must go forward
(Go back) I cant go back to living like I did before

(Then repeat this lots of times until the record finishes)

I'm so happy - bit crap this picture

Answers to quiz

- You haven't cheated have you?

1) Less ink in your pen
2) B. is the girl she is wearing trousers. C is a man wearing a kilt.
3) I Don't know but if you find out please send your answers to us at the address given.
4) Sean (hooray!!)

More stuff from this comic soon
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