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The left side of the room is less mimalist than the right side. Centerpiece is my dark grey cloud poster and a nice fireplace. Also far too many boxes and left over packaging from mail order purchases shoved in the top corner. Boxes
These are a stack of boxes from my purchases by mail order or online. Have to keep it all as I will need to rebox everything for moving later on.
Yucca plant Yucca plant
My fondness for Yucca trees comes from the beautiful ones my parents have grown over decades in their old shop.
Cardboard packaging
Lots of cardboard packaging, mainly from Amazon and Computer Manuals. Looking back I probably brought too many books that had only a few chapters of interest. It's always dangerous going back to Amazon as it tells me how much I can make from selling my books back through them.
One large warddrobe for ones clothes. Haven't got too many clothes so it's pretty spacious. Just far too many t-shirts that I won't have the chance to wear because of the poor weather around here. There must be moths in here somewhere as I've found random tiny holes appearing in my clothes.
fireplace Fireplace with clock
It's quite a nicely decorated coal fireplace. Most people would probably cringe at the design and style. Anyway as I don't burn coal (maybe I should as it's so cold in here sometimes), I decorated it with my big medical looking clock.
Yep, still gives me the shock every morning and evening when I look into it. Most of the time it's just blurry anyway.
Clouds poster Cloud poster
This was part of an art piece in the Hirshorn Museum in Washington DC. It's one of those audience participation works. In this case a pile of prints of grey clouds that you can take a copy of. I've also seen art similar pieces that use sweets with messages on them. Not sure how as art it manages to be thought provoking.
Bed Bed
When I do get the chance I do actually get to sleep in a bed. It's been used less and less the further on in my course I go. Not bad as far as beds go, needs a better mattress.
Mobile phone poster
The actual swanky phone it advertises is on the back. The opened design is a nice blue with silhouttes of women in a sparkly type way. Difficult to describe but I like it and that's why it's up there.
Peeling wallpaper
The room is damp so the wallpaper is all peeling at the joins and near the ceiling. My books have gone all curly and posters keep falling off the wall as the stickytack is slowly rendered useless.

boxes bed Yucca plant packaging wardrobe phoneposter Fireplace with clock mirror cloud poster Peeling wallpaper
The left side of my room
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