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Front wall
Coming into my room you'll notice how bright it is. Also how big it is. Then you will notice also how much junk my desk and floor is covered in. Papers, books, clippings, little toys, momentos...
Water bottle Water bottle
Stuck on the top shelf, filled with tap water, used to water the plants. That is when I am not too busy working on projects for my course. It's a good job yucca trees and cactus' don't require much watering.
Yep there they are underneath the bed. Not very exciting. I don't have that many pair of shoes and only the one pair of trainers. Most of my shoes are moccasin type because they are really comfortable.
Red rug
Well the floor was so bear and the carpet so stain and mucked up by previous occupants that the room needed something. This bright red rug was the one for the job.
Stuff on the floor
There is I must admit far too much stuff on the floor. Mainly lots of newspapers that I haven't had time to read yet. Even though they would be out of date I sometimes like to read through a pile of old columns and articles. There are also many books, cables and wires.
I never liked slippers even if it gets really cold. I much prefer wearing sandals around the house and not my outdoor shoes like some of my housemates do. Having you feet restricted all day must not be good.
Coke vase Coke vase
Unimaginatively put together using a old Coke bottle, some Blu-tak, pieces of wire and a bunch of my Lomographs. Extra fruit stickers decoration added on later.
Made by a designer in Manchester, it's a great use of industrial electrical components to create a light. It used to have a small green bulb but I've replaced it with a long energy efficient one which gives it a nice character.
Not much of a book collection. Over dominated by Web and design books. There are some other books though including poetry by John Hegley and Sophie Hannah, Begin To Exit Here, Grub on a Grant and a guidebook for Peru. Shame I don't have enough time to read them.
I Luv MCR poster
Yes I really do. I was born and raised in Manchester and have lived there most of my life. Even though in recent months I have felt a bit displaced from the City it will only be a matter of time before I re-adjust to the Manchester life.
Fruit Bowl
Big and with a nice smiling sun. Often full of oranges, apples and bananas.
Coke vase Trusty Laptop
Okay so my computer may be old but I always feel that a computer is only as powerful as the person operating it. So it may not be so good for video editing but I've been able create some nice things with it. Recently it's started to lose it's paint and not behave so well. It really has been overworked on this course.
Mobile phone poster
The actual swanky phone it advertises is on the back. The opened design is a nice blue with silhouttes of women in a sparkly type way. Difficult to descibe but I like it and that's why it's up there.
Electric heater
It's pretty much always cold in the house except on the hottest of days. Having the biggest room also means the heat escapes quicker. So really an electric heater is a money scoffing device.
Right hand one. Very old from the seventies. Was my uncles. Probably a far too nice set of speakers for my rubbish hi-fi but oh well.
It's survived multiple drops, severed limbs and cut and bruises. Somehow it's managed to stay alive in the office and now my room.
bed Bed
When I do get the chance I do actually get to sleep in a bed. It's been used less and less the further on in my course I go. Not bad as far as beds go, needs a better mattress.
Don't Play Track 1 Poster Don't Play Track One Poster
An original early 90's poster for a multimedia CD-ROM with sounds, video and animations. Probably one of the things that inspired me to want to work in the field multimedia. So almost 10 years down the line I'm getting there slowly.
Wheely drawers Small wheely set of drawers
Full of CD's with MP3's in them and other bits and bobs. Drawers like these are very handy as you can just slip all you small items into them. That's okay until it's time to move and you have to sort through them all again. I usually end up throwing most of the items away.
Red paint and Doraemon
A big tub of acrylic paint which I brought over estimating the volume I required. Now every new idea I have will incorporate a way of using up some of it up. Inflatable Doremon in the corner of my room being the watchful guardian.
The views not great but not too bad. It looks up onto a steep hill and a lot of council houses. You do get quite a lot of speed demons zooming up and down here in rush hour.

Water bottle Shoes rug Floor stuff Sandals Coke vase Walklight Books I luv MCR Fruit bowl Computer Heater Speaker Cactus Bed Phone poster DPT1 Small wheely drawer doraemon Window The front side of my room
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