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‘The rooms within are the buildings mind’
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More of a mess than you can visualise from this picture. Although I would descibe it more of a organised mess. Stacks of papers, work, books, shoes, wires find their homes on the floor. Chair Chair
One bog standard wooden chair which doesn't provide the best posture around even with cushions. Have to frequently walk around my room and do some stretching. Oh, It's a bit wobbly too.
Stuff on the floor
There is I must admit far too much stuff on the floor. Mainly lots of newspapers that I haven't had time to read yet. Even though they would be out of date I sometimes like to read through a pile of old columns and articles. There are also many books, cables and wires.
Yep there they are underneath the bed. Not very exciting. I don't have that many pair of shoes and only the one pair of trainers. Most of my shoes are moccasin type because they are really comfortable.
bed Bed
When I do get the chance I do actually get to sleep in a bed. It's been used less and less the further on in my course I go. Not bad as far as beds go, needs a better mattress.
Wheely drawers Small wheely set of drawers
Full of CD's with MP3's in them and other bits and bobs. Drawers like these are very handy as you can just slip all you small items into them. That's okay until it's time to move and you have to sort through them all again. I usually end up throwing most of the items away.
Cardboard packaging
Lots of cardboard packaging, mainly from Amazon and Computer Manuals. Looking back I probably brought a few too many books that had only a few chapters of interest. It's always dangerous going back to Amazon when it tells me how much I can make from selling my books back through them.
Red rug
Well the floor was so bear and the carpet so stain and mucked up by previous occupants that the room needed something. This bright red rug was the one for the job.
Extension cable
Silly thing about this room is that there are only two wall sockets in the entire room. With the desk the other side of the room the only way is a huge extension cable. This one is bright orange to stop me from tripping over it.
Yucca plant Yucca plant
My fondness for Yucca trees comes from the beautiful ones my parents have grown over decades in their old shop.
Laundry basket
Recently been quite full as I never find an opportune moment to put the washing into the machine without it being the middle of the night and risk disturbing my housemates. Causes a few problems if like me you have hardly a decent item in your wardrobe in the first place. In this respect I guess I am a real student.
Stack of newspapers Newspapers
I started putting the papers I read in this corner by the door when I first came, meaning to stick them in the recycle bin each week. It only took me 8 months to finally get this huge stack of newspapers into the bin. They made a good place for putting dirty shoes on when entering the room.
Consisting of a tape player and receiver. Both very old and in a not very fashionable silver finish. In my opinion tapes are still the best for creating compilations, taping the radio and for general easy to use. You press record and it does just that, no index marking, no synching problems, no hard drive space issues. Radio a saviour.
The views not great but not too bad. It looks up onto a steep hill and a lot of council houses. You do get quite a lot of speed demons zooming up and down here in rush hour.
Used to use this quite a lot but I have gone digital with almost all correspondence done electronically. Since I reduced my compilation and record output I've saved myself a lot of ink cartridges.
Leads to the dark landing which it's probably the coolest place in the house having no exposure from outside light.
Shoe boxes
Why is it that the only things worth sticking under the bed are shoe boxes, shoes and luggage cases? Surely it's a space that can be better utilised. I guess it's just a pain to keep having to crawl underneath the bed to get at things.
Left speaker pearched on top of the wardrobe. Creates an unbalanced listening experience I can tell you.
Right hand one. Very old from the seventies. Was my uncles. Probably a far too nice set of speakers for my rubbish hi-fi but oh well.

Bed Window Door Papers and things Printer Wheely drawers Newspapers Chair Extension cord Right speaker Hi-fi Speaker Packaging Laundry basket Yucca tree Shoes Shoe boxes Red rug
The floor of my room
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