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Explore my room - back wall

Back wall of my room
It might look a bit more organised but believe me it's not. Originally the bed was against this side of the wall and things moved round a bit. However I changed it because I wanted the bed to be closer to the window.
Jacket Jacket
My only jacket that I wear all year round. Unfortunately I've not managed to find a new jacket as a replacement that is equally unique nor as comfortable. Guess that's charity shop clothing for you.
More books and magazines
More techy books if you are interested in XSLT and QuarkXpress. Ace catalogue - great for thinking of the records I would buy if I had the money. Also a big Lomo book full of glorious lomography and some magazines (Blueprint, Vice, IDN, Adbusters, Creative Review, Comes With A Smile) for inspiration, not that it often works.
Laundry basket
Recently been quite full as I never find an opportune moment to put the washing into the machine without it being the middle of the night and risk disturbing my housemates. Causes lots of problems when it you have hardly a decent item in your wardrobe in the first place. In this respect I guess I am a real student.
Manchester calendar
Got given this as present when I left Manchester. It's far too sunny in the pictures. Wonder how long they waited before getting the sun to shine in the right places. The sky is too blue as well so Photoshop comes to mind.
Mogwai Poster
Promoting their 2001 album Rock Action. Mogwai takes post-rock apart and adds their blend of expert guitar and box twiddling to it. Can be loud, quiet, gentle, make you angry, sad but always captivating.
Light switches
I don't know why I have a switch for the landing light in my room but I do. Along with the pull switch and normal light switch. It is quite handy though as it is very dark on the landing making it very easy to trip down the stairs.
Consisting of a tape player and receiver. Both very old and in a not very fashionable silver finish. In my opinion tapes are still the best for creating compilations, taping the radio and for general easy to use. You press record and it does just that, no index marking, no synching problems, no hard drive space issues. Radio a saviour.
Chest of drawers Chest of drawers
Top drawer - linen. Second drawer - toiletries and gubbins. Third drawer - A load of CD's even though I promised not to accumulate any more music whilst I was down here, loads of wires of one sort or another. Fourth drawer - The place to stick plastic bags. I always refuse plastic bags when buying things but some shops force them onto you.
Left speaker pearched on top of the wardrobe. Creates an unbalanced listening experience I can tell you. I couldn't find anywhere else suitable for this. Guess it could have gone on the wobbly bookshelf but I didn't have that at the time.
Portable record player
I guess I couldn't resist buying vinyl when I was down here. I didn't bring my other player as it takes up a lot of room. This is an ingenius device playing every type of record and all speeds.
Cardboard packaging
Lots of cardboard packaging, mainly from Amazon and Computer Manuals. Looking back I probably brought a few too many books that had only a few chapters of interest. It's always dangerous going back to Amazon when it tells me how much I can make from selling my books back through them.
Poster strip Home made poster strip
Made from a huge stack of GQ's, Guardian Weekend and other magazines before I put them in the recycle bin. I really like making collages using glossy magazines. The colours, patterns and shades that can be made fascinate me. My housemates have all received birthday cards made from old magazines.
Newspapers Newspapers
I started putting the papers I read in this corner by the door when I first came, meaning to stick them in the recycle bin each week. It only took me 8 months to finally get this huge stack of newspapers into the bin. They made a good place for putting dirty shoes on when entering the room.
Record Box
For records, decorated with various stickers. I was planning on selling some more records from my old record label emma's house recordings so I brought copies down. In nearly a year I've only sold two records. Oh well.
Pull switch
I can't really believe the wiring in this house. There are more light switches in my room than wall sockets. Anyway this pull light is for the lazy people who can't be bothered to turn off the light from two paces away.
Small all purpose bag for going out. Fits an umbrella/rain jacket, my Lomo, a pen, flyers and the occassional packet of sweets.
Devil horns
Part of the camp devil outfit I wore for a teachers Halloween party. I looked like Andy Pandy whereas my housemates looked great as Charlies Angels and Frankenstein.
More records including Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood - Nancy and Lee, Marvin Gaye - What's Going On?, Otis Reading - 1941 - 1967, Mr Scruff - Sweet Smoke, Liverpool FC - 1977 European Cup winners record, Lamb - All In Your Hands. What you might call an interesting selection.
Badly burnt CD's
This is the reason why I don't like CD's, they always mess up however much care I take burning at the slowest speed. Lost count of all the useless bits of polycarbonate I have. I've decorated some of them with red paint and felt tips.

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