sun007 - Roy Moller : Second City Firsts 

a. Mis-spent Youth (mp3/real)
   You Did Ask (mp3/real)
   The Brightest View (mp3/real)
b. Wonder Understand (mp3/real)
   Golden Grey (mp3/real)
   The New Third Lanark (mp3/real)

Roy Moller started writing and recording songs when he moved from his hometown of Edinburgh to Glasgow. He formed Meth O.D. with Rob Smith(Golden Dawn) and had two well-received albums. Following the split he then formed The Wow Café, an instrumental group and released a couple of EPs. Since 2002 he has concentrated on recording as a solo artist. The first release Maximum Smile on for Hamburg's Felicite Singles Club was co-produced by Stevie Jackson. He has also collaborated with Stevie on four Belle and Sebastian songs including Chickfactor and Seymour Stein.

For this release I step back a few years with 6 home recordings written and recorded in 2002 in Glasgow. Named after a 70s TV series of the same title.

The EP begins with the reflective Mis-spent Youth and introduces the wonderful multi-layered vocal style, common in all these tracks. Short, wonderful harmonies, You Did Ask hits the spot. Written with Rob Smith, The Brightest View was recorded on an evening when the electricity failed in his bed-sit. An accident involving a candle and a aerosol can, caused more than a blast. Roy describes Wonder Understand as about the brief tantalising feeling that you're close to decoding what life's about. Golden Grey is about the occasional quality of the Glasgow morning light on the architecture as opposed to dull flat evenings. Perfectly captures the moods of the city in two and a half minutes. Lastly an instrumental The New Third Lanark. The title of the song was to be the third Meth O.D. album that never materialised. This track is written with former Meth O.D. members. There's thought and yearning.

Rough around the edges they maybe, but showcases Roy's ability in fantastic songs and more from the start. It's a fabulous EP to start 2005 with. Roy is also releasing an 7" on Pickled Egg Records around the same time with his studio recorded songs.

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sun007 - Roy Moller sleeve
8" lathe cut clear record
Limited edition 50 copies
February 2004
by mail order only

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