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Jumped high enough, reward yourself
Glad that this part is over. My presentation has been on mind for the past week. Although I could have done things much better and put my point across a bit better with more depth it rose interesting questions that I can address in my essay. These 9:30am-7pm Tuesdays are too much, especially when there is no place to get some snacks or a cup of tea after 3:30pm on our campus which is ridiculous. Flash was very interesting and we got through a lot of the basics. It's amazing what we learn in four weeks and the quality of some of the projects that people produce at the end of it.

Been looking at the new Apple 12" G4 Powerbooks. They look beautiful and I really like OS X, having the capability of dabbling with Unix underneath. Only thing is that they are still a tad expensive. Oh well we can dream. I could buy over 130 albums with the same amount of money. It's debatable which I would enjoy having more. Music tips the balance I think. So a 20gb iPod it is then!!! No seriously, there are some great albums worth getting this week including the new Teenage Fanclub compilation.


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