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After yesterdays missive, I am a lot calmer now. However I am truly getting sick of blogs. Not blogs in general but looking at their merits. It has been very interesting and I have learnt a lot about blogging but it doesn't give me enough of an insight into it. Anyone know of interesting articles on blogging by any chance?. By that I mean ones with a different take on bloggin, rather than the usual superficial comments of how it creates better communities and is a new form of journalism etc.

Bit old this news but finally the one most Windows iPod users have been waiting for. XPlay version 1.1 will allow you to copy songs from your iPod back to your PC. This is good news as I lost some of my MP3 on badly burnt CD-Roms and only have copies of them on my iPod. Soon enough I will be able to get hold of them. Read about the features of XPlay 1.1 currently in beta. Unfortunately it still doesn't solve the problem with the iPod battery life. It can be okay sometimes but other times it just dies fairly soon after a full charge. I thought the Sony polymer battery could take more charge cycles, even mobile phone batteries can withstand loads of charging and topping up.


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