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You questioning my taste
I am gutted at not being to see Cidade De Deus (City of God). I went along to the Watershed in Bristol and it was sold out ages before the showing. Will have to wait a few more weeks until the cinema in Bath shows it. Should have known nothing was going to work out from the week I've had.

Here's something interesting The Observer asked a few people the song that changed their life. Some interesting choices and some, well, not so interesting choices. Under these circumstances I can easily forgive people for making naff choices as the song in question probably defines a great moment/era in your life and to the outsider they will never understand unless they were there with you. Mine would have to be Little Hands by The BMX Bandits. The first song I heard by them in the early 90's, in bed on Hit The North on BBC Radio 5 and started my love for the twee-pop Glaswegian band.


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