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A bit of loose change
Am I insanely bad at using a till? That's the question I keep asking myself every Saturday. When I cash up after my shift at Oxfam I find that I am nearly always writing a negative amount in the last box. Usually it's a few pence and that doesn't matter. What usually happens is that I end up having no pennies left near the end of the shift and start giving two pence to people. Sometimes though the discrepency is more like a quid but I am always very careful when giving change. I actually count the money back to them just to be on the safe side. The only explaination I can think off is that the float was wrong from the previous day as I don't count it in the morning. Either that or I cannot count correctly. It makes me feel worried as I am in effect losing money for a charity even though we did pretty well today.

Manchester City's defeat at Newcastle proabably says it all after losing the Fowler deal and Keegan going off on one at the Chairman. Here's hoping neither the team nor the manager bottles it at this stage of the season.


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