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This is all I have
This guy MC.Clintock has created wireframes of all the furniture in his house and then photographed everything. Really quite strange but quite fascinating. In his latest blog entry he says that he has photographed everything. I can't however somehow believe that unless he has an extremely tidy house. What about those odd items little items you get lying around. For example I could probably see about fifty items on my desk like a squidgy bean bag stress reliever, Singing In The Rain handcranked music box and a host of bullclips etc. I do like the fact when you go to his iPod you get to see his music collection though. The line underneath my iPod would say something like "I've got only a tenth of my CD collection on here. Would like higher capacity version.". In the end I think cataloguing all my possessions would not be a good idea after my house move. I expect to find even more junk if I looked closely enough.

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