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Reflective screen
Learnt a new word today phelgmatic it means sluggish or not easily excited or agitated. Guess the meaning came from phelgm. I was pretty phelgmatic today though. Things have gone really slowly and although there are days you want that to happen I haven't done anything of note apart from make some cheeese and pepper bread buns.

In my early high school years I obsessively played one of the best video games in the world. Super Mario Kart had a brilliant level of competativeness as a single player racing game but as a two player game is where it excelled. The battle modes were a work of genius. It really defines the word 'fun' in a video game. So it was nice to see that even my aging computer could emulate the Super Nintendo and I could recreate those moments. It's not quite the same but gives you enough to remember. I can't believe that was about ten years ago.


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