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Your in a bad way and I've got some plans for you
So it was a bad outcome but at least it wasn't too late that it made a mess of things. It was better that I knew now. My registry was corrupted on my computer for the first time too. Can't believe that this stuff is happening. I think this may be an indication of what is going to come this week.

So start of term and things are still in some ways a bit of a mess. A bit of disorganisation makes for a closer knit group. Had a brief look at Quicktime VR. A relatively old technology but if used properly can be brilliant like this excellent spinning head example. Also had a talk from a local new media company which was informative. Good to hear that there are still companies doing well in this tough time. The early evening Java lecture was quite draining having started early and it was a good refresher on Unix and SQL, for people who were used to graphical interfaces it was a bit of a steep learning curve but it's well worth learning. In general it was nice to see everyone again.


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