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Rock and Roll lifestyle part 2
From Thursday night...

So after everyone got kicked out of the club I turned into a roadie helping to lug a huge bass amp down the road to the van. Three of us were lifting this thing and we must have dropped it 20 times. Hope it still works. Not enough space in the van so I take Pop Threat in a cab back to my place, where the subsequent loudness wakes up the entire house and we get a telling off. Quite rightly so. At least everyone woke up fine and we staggered into town to meet up with the Real Losers and a greasy breakfast clutching bags of duvets and sleeping bags.

A classic moment in the cafe - Sean from The Real Losers buys a cup of coke and asks how much it was. The cashier goes 'one pound eighty-nine', Sean goes 'What! twenty pence!'. All of us look quizical and start laughing. Not quite sure why it was so funny but even now I find it funny. Probably the worst breakfast I've ever had. Memory returns after someone get's their digital camera out and we browse through the shocking photos.

What a weird night in a place like Bath too. I was half expecting the Bath Chronical to cover the shocking gig.

Better visit Pop Threat's website before they take it all down. There's no news about the split. Must have had a change of heart.


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