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Up down turn around, please don't le me hit the ground
Last night was really bizarre. I was invited to a classmates house for a dinner party along with some other classmates. This so nice and civilised that I almost didn't fit in. We had to bring our own plates and cutlery as Jessica didn't have enough sets. Delicious greek food, some wine and lots of chat and gossip about the course, life in London, the in-laws, parents having sex and the like. So I get back home and my housemate was having a belated birthday party which I knew about. What I didn't know was how drunk everyone was and the silly capers that Malcolm has again been up to whilst tipsy. He was a complete wreck. I thought this was going to be a civilised affair but it was pretty much the opposite, nice cosy atmosphere though even if people were drunkenly falling over each other and spilling drinks all over the carpet. There were some bad moods later on in the night and some people got upset. It's going to be a touchy household for a few days. Someone got lucky though.

That's it for going out and parties. No more till the end of term as I have gone overdrawn this month which isn't good since we are only two weeks into it. Time to sort out my finances and organise my workload.

Noted: Manchester are going to get some 16 giant sundials constructed at various parts of the city. Hope they are going to look as spectacular as the Commonwealth Games memorial sculpture that they are planning on building.


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