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Rock and roll lifestyle
So last night I gave myself the night off because I have been working hard for the past week or so. I went with a friend to see my friends band, Pop Threat, play at the Bath Moles Club. Having turned up quite early we saw the supporting acts too. The Seven Inches were a Bearsuit-esque type band and quite twee. There were lots of gimmicks like using a cardboard guitar and all sorts of weird dancing and bopping around by the lead singer. They seemed like they were having fun and that's what counts. The next band The Revelations were White Stripes garage-rock. I was impressed by them as they had the raw energy and being a three piece quite minimal. The lead singer had really impressive hair shooting out at all angles yet all frizzed up. Missed a bit of the The Real Losers trying to regain my hearing by standing at the back, punk-rock all over but good execution. By the time Pop Threat got onto the stage it was late and the band had had a fair bit to drink. It was the first time they got a proper rider do I guess they made the most of it. What followed was a great moment in rock and roll. They get on stage and start to play but they couldn't hear themselves so everyone was out if synch. Darren attempts to sort things out and causes a argument. Caroline storms off stage followed quickly by Darren. Leaving Juliet on bass and Mick on drums. The lead singer from The Real Losers gets on stage and does improvised rock and roll screaming. It must be noted that Mick was really drunk at this stage. Five minutes later Darren and Caroline reappear and seem to have sorted out their differences. They then annouce that the band are splitting up and continue on with a few more songs. Well actually they repeated one song twice but nobody cared. So that was it. Everyone then got subsequently leathered not knowing what to make of it.


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