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See you in the Northern sky
Although the heating is now half fixed, which means one heater was working in the multimedia suite it was still cold. It snowed lightly for about two hours today on the upper hills of Bath but it won't stick. It made the walk back home even nicer than previously.

The lack of other IM students coming into college is a bit disconcerting, either they are beavering away at home or they got all their work done over Christmas. Hope it's the former. Although my Director project on my former record label is not entirely bug free, the amount of work to get it working on the Mac and the PC has meant I have decided to leave it as it is before I break it. The start of term has already become unwelcoming.

Here's a great link I found ages ago but forgot about it When I Am King. Some mad cartoon that is done really nicely although it is heavy on download time. It was in a listings book I read today. Shame the T-shirts are not available anymore, they were really nice although slightly rude.


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