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Nice and cold
It snowed for approximately half an hour in the centre of Bath. I was hoping it would last a little bit longer as I'd not seem proper snow in Manchester for a while. The Oxfam shop was really quiet. Lots of people off loading lots of junk though, mostly unwanted Christmas gifts and decorations. Walking to the shop this morning at about 9am, the Lower Bristol Road was the quietest I've seen in the morning. I was wondering if people had given up going to the shops but it was soon busy by the afternoon. Everyone trying to get hold of sale bargains that they won't want next week.

I've had a change of heart about some big companies. I've been wearing watches made by Swatch for the past 15 years. When my Swatch Beat (with silly Internet Time on it, or also known as the chunkiest commercial watch in the world or the watch that has a animation of a dog peeing on a lamppost) broke a strap bracket, I was informed I couldn't get it repaired by three different shops in the US and over here I thought that I'd had to abandon it. It held together pretty well with superglue for a while and then it fell apart again. As the last resort I wrote to Swatch and they sent me some replacement brackets for free. I guess some companies are better than others with their customer service. Unlike Next who Andrea my housemate is having a shoe size problem with.


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