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Musically I'm stupid.
Finally it has stopped raining and judging from the newspaper reports have avoided some major flooding. In the meanwhile I have made the most of my going through the backlog of demos I have been sent even though my label has been closed for a good few months. Some good tracks, I am still constantly amazed with the amount of talent around not being heard. Have also finally brought Low's Trust album which is beautiful and had a few tracks in John Peels Festive Fifty. Speaking of which it was quite a good run down including my favourite Laura Cantrell track (Too Late For Tonight) off her new album.

I've uploaded a new picture onto The Lomographic website. Should have a few more new photos up their soon. The peace has been broken and Malcolm has returned to the house. He's already persuaded me to go to the pub. Blimey I can't let the new year start with being a typical student.


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