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Time to say goodbye again
It's been a very similar Christmas to the past few years. Basically a lot of family getting together, having a big meal, too much TV and hopefully having a good time. It's nice to spend time with my parents being away so long and having helped with the moving I think they are a lot happier too. So back to Bath I go where I'll be spending my hours finishing my Director project and getting some rest before the hectic new term starts. I know I keep saying this but I will really miss Manchester for the diversity of everything and I've appreciated it even more that I've been away for a while. I am not going to make any resolutions for the New Year. What will be, will be, I will be myself and try my best at everything, make my decisions as they come.

Enjoy the rest of the year. 2002 has been a revelation for me I can tell you that.


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